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My Story

My journey into the world of coaching started with a deep-seated desire to help others, followed by a winding career path that taught me invaluable lessons about success, fulfillment, and personal growth.

I studied psychology at Johns Hopkins University, where every professor and mentor led me to believe that academia was the only viable path to becoming a therapist. But the prospect of spending another five years in school and research sounded, well, awful. I was still passionate about psychology but didn’t know how to translate that into a career, so I panicked, moved back home, and tried something totally different. 

For two years, I built out a digital marketing team at my mom's PR agency. Despite the success, I quickly realized that this wasn't for me. Desperate to “figure out what I wanted to do for the rest of my life”, I applied to every job that looked remotely interesting and eventually landed in the tech world.

I started at a small, four-person martech company in Customer Success. Three months later, my boss suggested I move into sales, so I did. I became an Account Executive, quickly rose to the top sales rep, and within a year was promoted to Team Lead, and followed by Director of Sales. I grew our sales team from a small, unstructured group to a thriving team of twelve. 

There was one small problem, though: I had totally sidelined my personal life and my mental health in the process. I looked like I was doing great, but in reality, I was miserable. By early 2022, I woke up one morning and quit. I was so burnt out that I walked away from my six-figure job and the team I had built with no job lined up and no clear direction for my future.

In the weeks following my resignation, I did absolutely nothing at first. This was followed by a period of devouring self-help podcasts and frantically searching the internet for guidance. Unsurprisingly, the internet didn’t have the answers I needed. It was through working with a coach that I found the clarity and direction I desperately sought. Coaching provided the structure and accountability to understand and overcome the limiting beliefs I had about my career. It helped me identify what was truly important to me, narrow my focus, and create a plan for my next steps.

Through this transformative experience, I realized my true calling was to help other high-achieving professionals who felt burnt out and unfulfilled navigate their career transitions. 

While building my coaching business, a mentor approached me to consult for her startup. This opportunity eventually led me to build her sales development team full-time while continuing to develop my coaching practice on the side. When the startup began to falter, I saw it as a sign from the universe to fully commit to my coaching business, which brings me to where I am today!

If you've been nodding along as you read this, let's talk!

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