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Career Coach for Anxious Millennials

Guiding High Achievers to Their Next Big Career Move


Meet Elizabeth

Hey! I'm Elizabeth Couch, your go-to guide for burnt out high achievers who want to identify and build a career they love. A native New Yorker, Johns Hopkins graduate, and 2x startup sales leader, I’m no stranger to the pressures of hustle culture and the relentless pursuit of climbing the ladder of success. I also know how soul-sucking it is to be miserable in your job, even when it looks like you're thriving on paper. If you've landed here, chances are you can relate.

Foggy Lake

Discover Your Dream Career

And Break Up With Burnout for Good

Are you a high achiever who feels unfulfilled and burnt out from years of pursuing "success" without ever pausing to think about what you want? 

Do you know something needs to change but find yourself paralyzed by thoughts like “what if I have to take a huge step back?” or “what will other people think if I do....?"

Were you raised to believe that careers like finance, consulting, medicine, and law were your only options, leaving you uncertain about other paths that might suit you better?

Are you skilled at meeting others' expectations but unsure about your own dreams and goals?

If so, you're in the right place.

Rave Reviews

What Clients Are Saying

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Elizabeth at more than one point in my career where I was feeling stuck, without a clear path forward. I’m certainly not an easy person to coach, but she knows how to ask the right questions (that aren’t always easy to answer) and with her empathetic personality it allowed me to find what were the root issues. Through my time with Elizabeth I was able to understand what in my career was fulfilling currently, what I needed to not feel overwhelmed, and ultimately allowed me to find happiness in my current role advocating for a higher position with the responsibilities I deserved! While work can’t always be everything we want it to be, through her coaching I’m much more confident when setting boundaries at work and ensuring I’m not set up for failure with task loads/prioritization!

Tyler, Director of Revenue Operations

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